This Is Me: Connection

Virtual exhibition opens Wednesday 26th May 2021.

This Is Me is ClementJames’ annual themed exhibition. We’re welcoming submissions from near and far, including paintings, photos, recipes, poetry and more. This year the theme is Connection.

Would you like to have your work displayed online alongside many other artistic creations? Follow the link below to upload your masterpiece!

What does connection mean to you?
What makes you feel connected?
What or who do you connect with the most?

These are all things you may wish to consider when making your piece of art. Please see our inspiration booklet for some ideas on how to get the creative process started and take a look at last year’s exhibition for more example.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 21st May and the exhibition will go live on Wednesday 26th May. We will notify you when your masterpiece is ready to view!

Plain-text This Is Me: Connection Booklet