Our Impact

The impact of our work has helped our students and clients to improve their lives through better English and Maths skills, improved school grades and gaining employment.

In the year 2020/21, we are pleased to report that despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic we were able to support over 1,500 children and young people and almost 1,000 adults. In total, 2,483 people benefitted from our programmes last year and many of our students and clients took advantage of multiple programmes.

  • Our Adult Learning programme taught 178 students. 89% of students achieved their course outcomes in Maths, English, and ICT classes.
  • Our Children and Young People’s Education programme supported over 1,500 students. 78% of our Year 13 students secured a university place in 2020.
  • Our Employment Support programme supported over 240 clients, with 52% of those seen five or more times finding work or training.
  • Our Wellbeing and Support activities were attended by 219 adults and young people and 274 local people received Information, Advice and Guidance. Our staff helped our clients to resolve 287 advice issues and made 53 referrals to specialist providers.

Our Impact Reports

Read our detailed reports to find out more about the impact of our work.

Plain-text Impact Report 2020-21
Impact Report 2019-20
Plain-text Impact Report 2019-20
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Our Annual Report and Accounts

Read our latest Annual Report and Accounts.