Case study

PK’s Story

PK started coming to The ClementJames Centre for English classes in 2019. Here she describes how they helped her unlock London.

“My life in London was very difficult when I came and couldn’t say any words. Especially when my children were at school and the teachers wanted to speak to me but I couldn’t reply. I couldn’t understand. It was terrible.

I learned English for four or five months at another organisation but when I moved from East London my friend told me about ClementJames. It’s been a very good experience. My teacher helps me a lot with my English.

Everything has changed since starting English classes at ClementJames. In East London, I only had some words but now I can speak more, understand more, write more. It’s much better. Now I can speak with my children’s teachers, I can take the train by myself. Before I couldn’t take the train by myself – my friend would always have to come to me. I couldn’t go to her house but now I can go by myself because if I have any problems with travel like getting lost, I can speak to someone and get help. My confidence in English has increased a lot.

I started learning English to speak with others, to be able to do everything by myself and now when I get mail I can read and understand it. I can translate. I’ve never worked before as I have children but now that I speak better I’d like to find a job. Last week I went to the charity shop to speak to a lady about some part-time work.

I’ve also become involved with other activities at The ClementJames Centre as well – I submitted work to the This Is Me: Belonging exhibition. Before I didn’t understand what I could say or do to submit my work but my tutor explained more about what could be submitted and I was able to have my work displayed on the website.

If I hadn’t started English classes at ClementJames I think I’d feel sad all the time. It was a very bad feeling. Thank you for accepting me.”

*Picture is a ClementJames stock photo.