This Is Me: Connection – Virtual Exhibition

This Is Me is ClementJames’ annual themed exhibition. This year the theme is Connection. We’ve had wonderful submissions from clients and students at ClementJames and beyond. Please take a moment to have a look at the amazing artwork submitted!

Pink paper with collage words: "Stay in touch", "wellbeing", "we are amazing", "you encouraged me", "connection", "we", "join in", "together", "us, join us", "every day, stay connected"
Motivation by Sidrah
Digital image of five differently coloured placentas. Text reads: 'before your birth we are all connected.' 

Kadigia Constantino Level 2, Elaine Reid
Connection by Juan Carlos
White document. Title "This Is Me" by Teresa Heywood - ICT EL3 Class

Three pictures of trees and flowers. Words:

Flowers bring joy in my life
I love the smells the way they come to life 
I feel very safe when they wither away and joy when they return 

Trees are magical they have a form of life of their own 

Trees are the lifeline of nature and the grace of them is beyond words.
Connection poem written in colourful writing 

"Be connected
Choose good options
Don't be negative
Be Equal
Take Time
Interact with People 
My Friend House 
Never Give Up
The Dream by Zuriell
White document. Title: This Is Me 

Two images of coffee cups
"The first thing I have in the morning. A coffee a day keeps me on my way."
By Naoual
Peach document with seven different flags

From top to bottom:

Sonia - Spain 
Alketa - Albania 
Agata - Poland 
Catherine - United Kingdom (Learning English is our connection) 
Margot - Cameroon 
Sandra - Uruguay 
Imen - Tunisia
Learning Connection by Sonia Calvo Barahona
Picture of a worksheet with smiling children playing in the playground and sitting at a desk. 

Words say:
"My name is Sole. I am 6 years old.

My favourite food is macaroni and cheese. It makes me feel connected to the world of macroni and cheese. I feel connected to my friends or family when we are together. 

A place I like to go is legoland. It makes me feel like I am a lego."
Connection by Sole
Yellow digital document with a treble clef and a trumpet.

Title: Music 

Music is good
Music is fun 
Music can be art
Music can be your imagination 
Or anything
You can play music
You can write music
You can do anything with music. 
It can be pop or rock or classical or hip-hop
Music plays anything.
Music by Mehdi
White digital document with four oval images of relaxation. 

Title: This Is Me 

Words: A Holistic Therapist Pauline Sterling a student in the ICT EL3 Class.

The picture represents me as a clipart illustration [picture of a spa session with a therapist].

I love giving treatments to clients as it enables them to relieve their stress in the trouble times of life. 

I also find it therapeutic giving the treatments.

Using Aromatherapy opens senses to various sense of comfort, emotional memories and deep Relaxation.

A wonderful sense of relief and retreat from the world. Become in tune with oneself

Hot stones, great for stress relief sense of relaxation

It relieves deep pain from body for a 2 week span before another treatment 

Pauline Sterling ICT EL3 Class
9 photos of the same bracelets in alternating colours (reds, oranges, pinks, purples)

Text reads: Be an individual but stay connected
Simple Things by Sandra Boveda Cabral
Pencil drawing of a blue and red flower on some grass. There is a blue sky at the top of the page and a yellow sun in the top righthand corner. 

By Assiya, 5
Collage of photos of a woman and her family including her children and her cats pegged onto some paper 

Words handwritten on cut out pieces of paper on the side of the collage say:

"Level 2 - English. My teacher: Elaine Reid"

"This Is me... Asmaa Boutaghras" 

"Connection means to me... These 10 words"

Connection by Asma Boutaghras
Poem on white background with a picture of bubbles at the bottom. Text reads:

I like bubbles because they are multi-coloured and shiny 
When I see them with my mum she likes to pop them
Bubbles are as round as a circle
They are as shiny as a light
Bubbles are transparent like a window 
They sparkle like metal in the sun
Bubbles are as fun as a party where you play with your friends
Bubbles are multi-coloured like the lens of a camera
By Enrique
Yellow digital image with picture of a spanish tortilla in the top left. 

Text says:
Spanish Tortilla
From Grandma to Parents to me 

A recipe by J. Crous 

4 big potatoes
1 medium onion
4 eggs (2 per person, size L)
fresh parsley
extra virgin olive oil 
black pepper
chilli flakes 

- Prepare your "mise en place" by peeling the potatoes and cutting them in small dices. Separately, chop the onion in small pieces 
- Get a frying pan with abundant extra virgin olive oil and put the potatoes and onion to fry 
- Once nice and roasted pour the mixture in a colander and let it cool.
- In a separate bowl crack the eggs and mix them with the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste and also some fresh chopped parsley leaves. If you want the extra hot feeling, add some chilli flakes! Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes. 
- Get a non-stick frying pan (with no oil) and add the mixture to cook at medium-high temperature. 
- After about 4-5 minutes, cover the pan with a plate and flip the pan with the mixture inside in order to cook the other side of the tortilla for another 4-5 minutes (for you to have an idea, it kinda looks like a giant pancake). 
- After a total of 10 minutes, the tortilla should be cooked and ready to eat!
Collage of a heart, 3 months free fibre broadband, a camera, and two Iphones cut out from a newspaper 

This Is Me written in highlighter at the top
Connection View by Etinosa
White document with two pictures of colourful birds. Words say:

This Is Me: 'I like observing wildlife especially Birds.' Christian Chanter - ICT Entry Level 3
This Is Me by Christian Chanter
Photo of a worksheet with cartoon of kids playing and a boy sitting at a desk.

Text reads:

"My name is Zakaria. I am 8 years old. My favourite food is ice cream. It makes me feel connected to ice cream. 

I feel connected to my friends or family when we are playing games. 

A place I like to go is Flip It. It makes me feel happy."
Connection by Zakaria
Image of a digital document with a cartoon cheese and a mouse on top. Poem reads:

The Sneaky Mouse
A squeaky, tiny mouse
Who lives in a house 
That has grey hair
And might stare.
He's sneaky like a sly fox
And he's naughty like a boy
He's sneezy and is cheesy 
And he finds hiding easy. 
He's as rapid as a squirrel
And as sneaky as a snake
And finds the house like a maze 
This is how the mouse behaves.
The Sneaky Mouse by Sami
Collage with images of cut outs of models from magazines. 

The cut out newspaper text reads:

"The decision to stay. Listen, explore, discover"

"See the world differently."
The art of being yourself"

"I'm human"
"A work in progress" 
"Isn't erasing what CAME BEFORE, but building on what once was"
"perfect balance"
"real allies"
Basis of Connection by Ella Ucer

What connection means to me
Yvette Powell

What connection means to me is to be linked
Be part of
It also means to be seen, to be heard
To be asked your opinion
To feel as if you’re needed
To be essential
To be acknowledged
To be joined

Poem, black text on white background:

Title: The Five Senses 

Being in the park 
is the opposite of dark

Watching the sky
With my head down on the grass to lie 

A message from the clouds 
Making me feel very proud 

I hear the sea and wind
Flowing out and in

Bournemouth is my place
Where I have lots of space 

Picking up the seashell
It makes me feel well

This magical pudding
That is my mum's cooking 

I used to eat it for my birthday 
I made me have a lucky day 

It gave me lots of memories 
Which build up my journeys 

My mum told me stories about it
She said it makes me fit 

This gem is very smooth
I'm not lying I'm telling the truth 

Each time I feel angry
It makes me the opposite, like happy 

I hold it tight 
It makes me feel alright 

Each time I smell my mum's perfume
It gives me a really lovely afternoon 

Whenever I don't know what to do 
It's like the courage is calming me through 

When I feel a lot of fear
I smell the perfume and my mum is here

It's like a special moment 
But it can't go away because it's permanent
By Rebeca
Digital document with images of scripture and a picture of a gathering 

"This Is ME: Islam
is my way of life. I am guided by the teachings and rules prescribed in the Quran.

Quran connects me to everything I need to live by in the ideal world and prepare for the hereafter."

"Pillars of Islam
- Shahada (faith)
- Salah (prayer)
- Zakat (Alms giving)
- Sawm (Fasting)
- HAJJ (Pilgrimage)

By Asha Nasri Ismael... ICT EL3 Class
This Is Me by Asha Ismael
Digital document with black text on a grey, pink and green background. Images of a smiling couple, some arepas being constructed and a rainbow outside the London eye with a filter in front and a girl wearing four outfits. 

Text reads:

Connection for me is, Connecting with Life, Family and Loved Ones! 

This is me. CAROLINA. A girl who always has a smile. Happy and in love with life. Although last year was very difficult for everyone, living a pandemic, a confinement, without being able to see our loved ones. But there is something very beautiful that I have learned. And the most important thing is health and family. The time is very important, and that it is good to know who we give it to. I have met a person who is very special to me now. My boyfriend. I have taught him to prepare to Columbian arepas, typical in Colombia and Venezuela. He feels very happy to be learning about my vulture and I am happy to learn from him as well. I'm going to share with you the recipe for the arepas:

In a bowl we put special flour for arepas (Harina pan) 150 g Mix of water and milk 250ml Salt 1/2 Butter a tablespoon

We put the flour then the butter then the mixture of milk with water and salt. We mix everything with our hands until we obtain a homogeneous mixture. Shape it into balls and squash and shape it into a pancake. In a pan we put a pinch of butter and put the arepa for 5 minutes over medium heat side by side. Then we preheat the oven to 200g and put our arepas in for 25 minutes and that's it. You can eat them with eggs, meat or any other type of protein you want. 

Carolina Montero
Sunday Class, Clement James
Grayscale sketch drawing of three guys on bikes cycling through the countryside.
This is me riding by Tembwe Chanda
White background with black text and image of a tray bake in a kitchen.

Chef Aleks' Cod & Potato Bake 

- 1 kg of potatoes 
- 500g of cod 
- 100ml of oil
- 2 bay leaves
- 2 onions 
- 250ml cream
- 300g grated cheese
- two cloves of garlic 
- coriander (to taste) 
- salt (to taste)
- black pepper (to taste)

Preparation Method: 

Cook the cod without salt and potato in different pots. When cooked, shred the cod and cut the potatoes into thin slices. On a low heat, put the potatoes and chips into a frying pan and add the toil, onions, chopped garlic. Add the bay leaves and let it saute slowly. Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper powder. 

Put all the ingredients in a baking tray or Pyrex dish in several layers, evenly interspersed. Add the cream, and lastly, cover with grated cheese. Bake in a preheated oven (200 degrees) for 40 minutes and when it is ready, garnish with coriander or parsley. 

Aleks Ramos (Sunday Class, Clement James)
Image of a book cover 'In Her Hands: Stories of Women Shaping Their Worlds'. The book is black with an image of hands cupping a world. 

Black texts laid over the text reads:

'Aniss Faiaz
(English Level 2, The ClementJames Centre) 

Connecting and Empowering Afghan women for the workplace and around the world. 

"I admire everybody who defends human rights, especially women around the world." 

"My vision is to have a secure, peaceful and developed country...and for all people to have equal access to welfare and gender equality."

Born in Herat Province, Afghanistan. I always aspired to connect with, and improve the lives of those around me. After earning my bachelor's degree in public management, I returned home and began to make waves.

I served as a CDF with the U.S. Ambassador's SGP to Support Gender Equality and went on to join the United Nations Development Programme as a regional gender advisor. 

I became the leader of the United Enlightened Association, an organisation dedicated to building the skills of youths, especially females. 

Working in Herat in 2015, I faced barriers simply because I was a woman, but I also had to content with a deteriorating security situation, including unpredictable ambushes and rogue attacks on women and girls. 

I believe my determination can be an example for other women, encouraging them to persist through struggle to achieve their rights.'
Book page showing two images of women learning and creating. 

White text overlay reads: 
"I am working toward changing the life of my community. If we don't bring change in the community, I believe nothing will happen.

'Herat Province, with its historic capital at the heart of the Silke Road, is a vital trading center in southwestern Afghanistan. Unfortunately, economic opportunities are most often enjoyed by men. Women and girls who try to advance themselves may face brutal attacks. I believe these conditions must change. I am fighting back by creating employment opportunities for women. 

"Afghan women had an active role in society and receiving education at the schools, colleges and university in the 1970s and 1980s". Women were present in the social and political arenas until the political system was changed.'
White background with black and green text with an image of a brown-topped cake.

'Trilece (Albanian Dessert)

For the cake: 
- 6 large eggs 
- 300g sugar 
- 400g flour 
- 2 tsp baking soda 
- 2 tsp vanilla essence 

For the milk: 
- 1.5 pints milk 
- 410g evaporated milk 
- 400g double cream 

For the caramel: 
- 450g sugar 
- 120ml water 
- 50g cornflour 
- 240g butter 
- 1/2 tsp salt 

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line the bottom of a baking tin with grease proof paper and butter the edges. 
2. Split the eggs into yolks and egg whites and then in a mixing bowl whisk the egg whites until soft white peaks are formed. A good way to test is to turn the bowl upside down to ensure the mixture holds. 
3. While whisking add the sugar bit by bit until it is all mixed in and the mixture has become a soft, smooth, shiny white texture. 
4. Whisk in one at a time the egg yolks. The mixture should become yellow/orangish in colour. 
5. Gently mix in the vanilla essence. 
6. Sieve the flour and baking soda into the mixing bowl. Fold the mixture quickly but gently until a batter is formed - this will be quick thick and sticky. 
7. Pour into the baking tin and smooth out - tap the tip to help it flatten. Place in the oven for 25 minutes and the cake should be a golden brown when removed. Place on a cooling rack for 30 minutes and keep the baking tin to one side. 
8. Once the cake has cooled give the milk, evaporated milk and double cream a quick mix together in a bowl.
9. Pierce small holes all over the bottom of the cake with a skewer. Pour half the milk into the original baking tin and place the cake back in. 
10. Pierce small holes all over the top of the cake with a skewer and then pour the rest of the milk over the top. Place the cake in the fridge for 2 hours. 
11. Pour the sugar into a saucepan and leave to melt over a gentle heat. While melting, mix the cornflour with some water for form a tick mixture and leave to one side. Once the sugar starts to melt you can stir a couple of times. Once it is fully melted, stir gently until it becomes a dark golden brown in colour. 
12. Remove the melted sugar off the heat and add the water and stir - careful this will spit hot liquid everywhere. I always do this in the garden on an old towel - to do it this way ensure everything is set up so you can get to the towel and back to the heat quickly. 
13. Place back on the heat and add the butter and cornflour. Mix continuously until the butter is fully melted. 
14. Add the salt to the caramel and mix for a few more seconds. Pour immediately over the cake and leave to rest for 10 minutes before placing back in the fridge for an hour. 
15. Before serving, slice the cake into 16 slices and serve in a shallow bowl or plate with rims. As you put your spoon into the cake the milk will squirt out, then the rest of the cake will soak it back in again!
Photo showing a purple flower tapestry with green stems and yellow accents.
Tapestry by Hufrish
White digital document with image of three women dressed in black and white against a dark background. All three are looking at the camera.

Text reads:

Connecting Fashion (Reserve images: Jordi Crous Sabido)

Since I obtained my degree 10 years ago in Fashion Styling and Personal Shopping, I have always had a strong connection for fashion, elegance and the arts: the art to express myself with original patterns, flamboyant fabrics and shock staging. 

Fashion connects with the minds of those who follow trends or create their own persona. Fashion connects with cultural independent and inimitable ways of dressing, but very inspiring for creative minds. Fashion is the ritual of expression and sending a message to our surroundings. Fashion talks with no words or sounds and it is visible for those who are capable of reaching souls and reading minds. 

My collection in the picture above is the interpretation of the fear and anxiety of people's feelings in a situation of crisis; for example the current pandemic. The use of heavy but luxurious fabrics, is intended to provoke the feeling of not being able to emotionally breathe. Natural branches and other elements from nature such as the ivy represents the complicated thoughts and paths that we humans sometimes go through in order to accomplish our freedom during challenging times. 

During the whole creation process, from brainstorming to drawing the mannequins and selecting the fabrics is based on one thing only: to connect with the public and make them feel that with a visual fashion concept we are all tied up by one idea. 

Jordi Crous Sabido: Fashion, Stlylist & Public Relations 

(Friend of Elaine)
Drawing of a smiling world that has taken its mask off with four stick figures standing atop. A ring of daisies circles it. Outside the circle, there is a vaccine injecting a virus, a doctor, a tap and an anti-virus sign. 

Text overlay reads: 'Reconnecting after Lockdown' 
Usukh Thomas 
English & ICT Student, Clement James
White digital document with a red heading and black text. Image of a baby smiling with clapping hands at the bottom of the page. 

Heading reads 'Why is smiling important' 
Text reads: 
Smiling is especially important for everyone. If you smile, you will always live longer and healthier for the body and stress free. Also, when you smile, your brain releases too. It is relaxing your body and reduced physical pain and a natural drug. Sometimes we do smile simply because we are happy, but we also smile for social reasons and to put people at ease, as well as to show more complex emotions. 

In two experiments, research in Switzerland examined the relationship between attractiveness and smiling. They found that the stronger the smile, the attractive a face looked. This type of smile is considered the most attractive to both men and women. Also, smiling makes you happier or can change your mood and reduce blood pressure too. 

Smiling is a universal language. The first step is easy, start your day with a smile. Laughter has several health benefits including lowering stress and reducing physical tension through your body. If you smile at all the time, you should get lots of benefits. Please smile and do not loose anything. Babies are always natural smile and happy.'
Why is smiling important? By Usukh Thomas
Four images - two on top and two below. 

The first two show tulips in a field and a male peacock showing all his feathers. 

The bottom two show a collage of flowers. 

Text pasted on says "I feel embraced and inspired by nature. London, Holland Park, Spring 2021"
I feel embraced and inspired by nature by Agata Blaz
Quarantine Rebirth

I stayed home, closed the door and looked out the window. The blue sky awaits me behind these white clouds that pass by like thousands of ideas. My dreams are awakened and slowly transferred to a pen and the ink shakes them, in words, over a deserted sheet. I started to remember who I am and what my illusions were, they used to play with each other since I was little. The poems flourished again and their petals are presented with different colours and scents. I started to reconnect with myself, my eyes discovered in a reflection my rebirth. 

I bought some orange roses for my limited space and kept the window open; the sun brushed my face and coloured my legs. But I felt anxious staying still, anxious when I think of my family fondly, anxious by not saying anything that was not necessary; because deep down I wanted to go for a bike ride, feel the breeze, and take a deep breath. I had to stop myself as my heart trembled. 

But there's not much consolation out there, the streets feel silent as if no one exists anymore. Only nature takes advantage of it, like the little birds that sing near my window or play with the antenna cables and the tiny, tiny squirrel that just ran across the roof. Seagulls and crows have also come to visit - they fly in circles and make sounds that I pretend to understand. I Imagine that they have had to migrate, because hunger has forced them to fly... to the empty city... where the doors have been closed and each one, from the invisible, are searching and trying to find opportunities to rest or do something at home or, just like me, they wait for the sun to touch their windows. 

By Geraldine Dornbusch
(Level 2 English Student, Clement James)
Image of traditional foods from Sudan laid out on a big plate.
Traditional food from Sudan by Muna Ibrahim
White digital document with black writing and an image of Pastrmajlija (Macedonian Style Pizza) 

Text reads:
"Connecting Families through Food 
Recipe of a Macedonian Traditional Dish (Pastrmajlija)
I made this several times during lockdown with my children, Elena and Klimentina (Ivana Nikola, Sunday Student, Clement James)

Pastrmajlija (Macedonian Style Pizza) 

3 cups all-purpose flour 
1 cup warm water
1 tsp salt 
1 packet (about 2 tsp) active dry yeast
1 tsp olive oil 

1 pound boneless pork chops, cut into small cubes 
1 tbsp olive oil plus a little extra 
2 tbsp unsalted butter, softened 
3/4 tsp salt 
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 tsp cayenne 
2 large eggs 

1. In a stand mixer or large bowl, add the warm water and sprinkle the yeast over top. Add the flour and the 1 tsp salt, mix until well combined and dough pulls away from the sides of bowl. 
2. Knead the dough 10 minutes by hand or about 5 minutes using a stand mixer with a dough hook. 
3. Form the dough into a ball and place in a large bowl with the 1 tsp of olive oil. Skip the dough ball around to cover in the oil then loosely cover the dough and put in a warm lace to rise for about 45 minutes.
4. In a large bowl add the cubed pork, the 1 tbsp olive oil, 3/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, and 1/4 tsp cayenne. Toss to combine, cover and set aside while the dough rises.
5. Preheat the oven to 230 degrees. 
6. When the dough has risen punch it down and form it into 2 equal size balls. Place the dough balls on a lightly oiled baking sheet and form each ball into an oval shape roughly 14 inches by 6 inches and roll up the edges to form a lip about 3/4 inches high all the way around. 
7. Brush the inside of the dough oval with the butter. Sprinkle the pork cubes on top of each dough oval then bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. 
8. Remove the pizzas from the oven. Whisk the eggs in a bowl then pour evenly over the inside of the pizzas over top of the pork. 
9. Return the pizzas to the oven and bake for about 5 more minutes or until eggs are set and crust is golden brown.
White digital document with image of a transparent globe behind text overlay. 

Black text reads:

'Keeping Connected during the Pandemic

My time in this pandemic has been difficult by I have learnt how to appreciate the small moments especially with learning English and connecting with other students. Elaine is my teacher from Clement James Centre in London, we have zoom sessions on Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm. These classes are helpful online and keep me positive. I like listening to other people speak. I remember reading the crime story with the robber and police. I like to study. I like to read. This course motivates me to continue learn English with my phone apps. I also like to do crosswords and other game. 

I practised English a lot with my mobile, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. I also have lessons with a tutor on some weekends or during the week in this pandemic in quarantine. My tutor helped me with comprehension and translation from Spanish to English. My interest for learning English is strong always and now at home I have time for this. I also work a little in this pandemic in some months and I went to the GP for appointment, sometimes I was scared when I listen to news. 

I cooked food from my country at home, I cleaned and took few long walks in the park. I wish to visit family in this pandemic but with quarantine it is not possible and this makes me sad. I want to see Paraguay and reconnect with people and friends I love. I speak on the mobile with people there. However, I am happy I can learn with books, audio and the internet. I want to be better in English for the future.'
White digital document with black writing. There is a map of the Cote D'Ivoire and its location in the world as well as a picture of an elephant and of a basilica. 

Text reads: 
 Connecting with Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

The elephant is symbolically important to the nation, since it is the largest animal found in Ivory Coast as well as being the source of Ivory for which the nation is named. The elephant's head is a banner that contains the name of the nation. 

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace (Blue writing)
Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is a catholic minor Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Peace in Yamassoukro, the administration capital of Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). It is the church in the world. It has an area of 30,000 square metres (320,000 sq ft) and is 158 metres (518) high. 

Claude Patricia Goze 
Level 2 English Student

Kamitan Arts

Artwork shared courtesy of local arts organisation, Kamitan Arts.

The Gallery of Me
Sherry Shill

I like neck frills up high
Belts that buckle to one side

I like warm winter days
Sunshine, winding coastlines

I like delicate fabrics
Spiders’ webs
I like silk

The aroma of warm cinnamon
Nutmeg, breadfruit, plantain

I like platinum pieces
Old gold, creams and blues
I like solid bold reds, purples
I like jewelled toned hues

I like magical mornings
When all else is asleep

I like blue skies
Being up high
I like using my wings

I like silence
I like cellos
I like harps
I like seas

I like rivers
I like oceans
I like birds, cats and trees

Words though lovely
Their volume
Sometimes drown
Subtle keys

So the essence of all this
Is to like being me

Painting showing green circles and brown spatters.
Emerald Ethereal Entities by Emmanuelle Marcel

“I walk alone in this path of life, or do I? These pieces of artwork were developed during Kamitan Arts’ ‘VAP – Virtual Acoustic Poetry’ Art sessions online during the COVID pandemic. Initiated and developed in the last semester with guest artist Andrew Cooper who asked us to use different materials and motions to create the background to one of our favourite objects or toys at home, we also used lucid dreaming techniques and glazing. Acrylic paint, a small wash sponge and paint brushes, were used to create this piece.”
Digital drawing of Mangrove restaurant with the words "Hands off Black people, Hands off Mangrove"

Showing a group of supporters in front of the restaurant. Flags on the restaurant say "black power", "people power", "mangrove"
Hands off Mangrove by Zita Holbourne
Drawing of a woman with books and flowers and numbers surrounding her. She has curly red hair and two hearts on her shoulder. Her body is a yellow circle with two bold eyes.
Self Portrait by Agnes Cawlyd
White digital document with teal text. Text reads: 
'Connecting from my Core

The wind blows blessed and bliss
Feeling the love as if it is caressing my lips with a lingering kiss
As I am re-assured and comforted with continuous consistent contentment 
In knowing that Mama Nature will always love and care for me 
Without judgement or resentment 
Connecting to my Soul 
Connecting me to The Source 
Connecting from my Core 
Collective Cosmic Consciousness 
Connects 1 and All 

Princess Emmanuelle
“Some innate feelings expressed into words during Kamitan Arts’ monthly online creative healing retreat, ‘Sacred Space Sistars’  where we aim to rematriate ourselves collectively while developing self-awareness, self-love and developing self-care and well-being routines and practices.”
Drawing and painting of lots of people playing instruments and singing. There is gold glitter surrounding them and 'Kamitan Arts' written at the top of the page and a big 2021 at the bottom of the page.

Wendy Young

Friday is ‘connect day’ with my fam
I’m switched onto Wi-Fi – cosy
Electric green glow of the hub
Workaday laptop fixed to the mains
We go back to blank
So I’m careful to unplug
Don’t want to miss VAP
Tonight at 7 pm
Yeah sometimes the Universe is slow to project
Sit patiently ’til ‘the host lets us in’
Sometimes there’s problems with ‘tech’
Conzoomed – folks gather
Wonder Rhonda on the button
Is our Angel at the gate
Empress Emmanuelle
Glamorous hostess
Lives up the name – our
Goddess of the Word Power
Has a plethora
Of wondrous connections
Who entertain and heal
We hear – we see – we feel
VAP Band babes
VAP Band ‘where you at?’
Sarah – Koralinka – Aaron – Anna
Soothe us – ooze us – bedazzle us
Skills of the world – poetry and music
Bond this onscreen gallery
Artistes all – we open up
Sharing is caring so we take the mic
Grand finale – sometimes a dance
Positivity in motion – stretching our limbs
Miraculous Junior Tomlin
Artist in Rez – manages to capture
Our character – our essence
And regular believers – too many to mention
Lead us all to a peaceful night
And filling in the online poll
When asked what you got from the session
I click on various options and always ‘Connection’

Graphic image of two women embracing. They are both wearing green with green and red hearts covering their clothing. They have black hair and pink and red lips and green eyeshadow. They both have their eyes closed. 

Their clothing reads 'Grenfell, 72 always in our hearts' and is signed Zita
Forever in our hearts, Justice for Grenfell by Zita Holbourne
Colourful poem on a white document. 

Text reads: 
"If I Could Fly

If I could fly, I would fly really fast and fly back to the past. 
I would feel like a hero that is brave like fire. 
I would see clouds, houses, the ground, the sky and other animals that can fly. 
I would circle the world like the Earth circles the hot sun. 
I would circle it so fast it would look like I'm on the run. 
I would travel to the future and take the knowledge from there to bring it back to the present, then tell everyone that the future will be pleasant. 

Made by Lion'el, 9
“‘If I Could Fly’ was created during Kamitan Arts’ ‘VAP – Virtual Acoustic Poetry’ session online during the COVID pandemic. Each month there was a guest Art tutor, and on the 4th week Princess Emmanuelle ran a ‘Poetic Inspiration’ session drawing upon the artwork and techniques developed during the previous 3 weeks and using this as a stimulus for expressive written verse. The artwork that inspired this piece was “Wings of an Eagle” by Cezanne Taharqa (resident Art tutor with ‘VAP Art’ sessions), we were then asked to use our imaginations and develop the starting sentence of ‘If I could fly…’.”
Photograph of three children in front of a red, yellow and green heart mural that says 'Love for Grenfell'.

Two of the children have their hands up touching the wall.
Grove One Love – Poetry 4 Grenfell
Photo of a child in green trousers in front of a wall of hearts depicting different images.
Wings of Love – Poetry 4 Grenfell
Photo of a group of adults and children on Maxilla Walk outside railings which are covered in decorated hearts.
Poetry 4 Grenfell Family – Poetry 4 Grenfell
Image of children facing a wall with flowers and notes written to remember.
Circle of Shrines – Poetry 4 Grenfell

Taken from the “Poetry 4 Grenfell: Voices from da Grove and Latimer” book and project by Kamitan Arts.

Work kindly produced by Kamitan Arts. Some of the work was produced for the Kamitan Arts  “Poetry 4 Grenfell – Voices from da Grove and Latimer” book, a book of tributes created by the local community in response to Grenfell and curated and edited by Princess Emmanuelle.