The ClementJames Centre’s 40 Year Challenge!

We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. In honour of this milestone, we have set the ambitious target of raising £40,000. Members of the staff team will be taking part in a variety of interesting challenges to help reach this target, based around the number 40 – running 40 miles, swimming four 40 x 40 metres, and jumping 400 burpees to name a just a few.

I like coming to ClementJames and learning new stuff and learning maths because maths is hard so it’s good learning here because now I am good at maths and I am getting good scores at school.

One of our Numeracy and Literacy students shares why they like coming to The ClementJames Centre

Over 40% of children in North Kensington are living in poverty and will, on average, develop slower, do less well at school, have poorer physical and mental health, and will generally have reduced life chances in comparison to wealthier children. We are taking on this challenge so we can continue to provide support for the children and young people most affected by Covid-19. This includes providing:

  • Employment support sessions for older young people
  • One-to-one numeracy and literacy support
  • One-to-one careers and aspiration sessions
  • One-to-one children’s counselling
  • One-to-one advice sessions
  • After-school academic support programmes

Thanks to our matched funding partners, The Childhood Trust and a generous supporter of the charity, every £1 we raise will be doubled up to the value of £20,000, meaning your donations will go further. Donations must be given through the link above and will only be matched between midday on Tuesday 8th June and midday on Tuesday 15th June 2021.

Esther, our Chief Programmes Officer, shares why she’s taking on her challenge (to walk in a 40km relay in a day!):

I have worked at The ClementJames Centre now for nearly six years, and I have witnessed first hand what an incredible place it is to be a part of. It is so exciting that it is CJ’s 40th birthday this year and I am really looking forward to taking part in a challenge as part of these celebrations. I wanted to get involved so I could continue to spread the word about CJ, and so that I could challenge myself too!”

Esther, Chief Programmes Officer

You can follow us on our 40 Year Challenge journeys on Twitter and Instagram to see how we’re getting on and use the hashtags #CJ40, #CJ40Years and #CJ40YearsChallenge to join in!