Our 2023 Champions for Children Campaign

Each year, The ClementJames Centre is lucky enough to take part in The Childhood Trust’s Champions for Children campaign: a two-week campaign during which every donation made to the centre is doubled to support the vital work we do with Children and Young People in RBKC.

Thanks to a £20,000 matched funding pot pledged by The Childhood Trust and two generous supporters of the charity, this year is no different. We have an ambitious target to raise £40,000 during the campaign this year, 100% of which will make a huge difference for the children and young people that we support.

As well as this, each year members of our staff team take on a challenge to raise awareness and donations for the campaign, and this year we will be completing the Walk for Wellbeing!

Staff completing a cycling challenge last year during the Champions for Children campaign

The Walk for Wellbeing Challenge

Members of our staff team and community will be setting out from Barking on Sunday 18th June to walk all 25.5 km of the Hammersmith and City tube line. During this walking half-marathon, we will be travelling through many of the areas that we provide support for young people, passing through nine London boroughs and following in the footsteps of the 114 million journeys made each year on the line. With 114 young people receiving intensive one-to-one literacy and numeracy support last year and 65% of these students making a year’s progress in just nine weeks, our Walk for Wellbeing highlights the importance of our Children and Young People provision.

Why are we Walking for Wellbeing?

One in four young people in RBKC are living in poverty, which can leave them facing significant academic, social and emotional challenges compared to their wealthier peers. Each year, we support over 1,700 local children and young people to reach their potential despite these challenges, with programmes that increase both academic attainment and, vitally, wellbeing.

Unfortunately, disruption as a result of the pandemic has had a lasting impact on many local young people, exacerbating the challenges faced. Many are now struggling with their social and emotional wellbeing and it is essential that we can continue to run and develop our programmes to support them.

One-to-ones have helped me the most as I do better at work. I was struggling before I had one-to-ones. I ask my teacher for help and they give me an idea but I still don’t get it. After having someone work one-on-one with me I really get it and when I show my teacher they’re impressed.


Our Childhood Trust campaign is open from 6th June until 20th June, with every pound donated doubled to help us reach our ambitious target of £40,000 to support more young people like Hermona to achieve their full potential.

If you would like to join us on the 18th June let us know by emailing sophie.davies@clementjames.org to express your interest, and we will be in touch with more information!

Together, we can support every young person in the borough to achieve their full potential.