Connecting with Breath and Guided Meditation with Ray Rose

Connecting with Breath & Guided Meditations

Connecting with Breath

Our Wellbeing Clinic Coordinator, Ray Rose Raymond, has put together two video presentations about connecting with breath for peace and calmness and how to practise this at home. The You Are Light – Guided Meditation audio at the bottom is designed for use at home to bring you to a more peaceful state.

Please take the time to use these presentations as and when you would like.

Connecting with Breath for Peace and Calmness (Part 1)

Connecting with the Breath
This is the first in a series of two presentations on connecting with the breath. In this presentation we present why and how connecting with the breath is able to calm the mind and bring about a sense of peace.

Connecting with Breath – Practical Instruction (Part 2)

This second presentation on connecting with the breath, focuses on teaching you the practical skills to connect with your breath that helps you to be peace, calm and resilient. You will be guided through the three-minute breathing space and water breathing.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation – You Are Light

You Are Light is a guided meditation designed to bring you to a place of peace and remind you of the soul being that you are.

Guided Meditation Transcript