Case study

Sada’s Story*

Sada was referred to The ClementJames Centre by the debt-management charity, Crosslight. She describes how the support of the centre has had a positive impact on her family.

“Before I came to The ClementJames Centre my life was hell, I had lots of debts that I couldn’t afford to pay off and I felt so alone and sad. I felt like there was no one to help me and that every place just kept telling me to go somewhere else. I felt like no one really understood my needs.

I first heard about The ClementJames Centre through Crosslight who were providing me with debt advice. They referred me to ClementJames and I started seeing Maeve for one-to-one support. I felt like I didn’t know anything or have anywhere else to go, so I decided to give it a try.

Since then The ClementJames Centre has given me a lot of support. I feel like they listen to me and help me in so many ways. They are so kind and the best discovery. I like that the staff work with all round problems and direct you on to other places if needed. I enjoy the social gatherings and the information sessions that ClementJames also offer. The cooking sessions make me feel like I am with family and the groups and classes are all good and useful programmes that have helped me to meet other people and learn new things.

After coming to The ClementJames Centre for a while, I now feel like I am not alone. I feel much stronger because ClementJames has made me realise the power and strength that I didn’t realise I had. I feel that the staff are like my friends because I didn’t have any other friends and by meeting them and sharing my problems I feel as though I am not alone anymore.

Through the support of ClementJames, my kids are also doing well in their studies and seem happier. They have benefitted from the homework club and mentoring and both love coming to ClementJames. My mother has also benefitted from coming to the centre for advice and guidance.

Everything in my life feels like it is getting better now. I am very happy I finally found the right help for me. I was looking for ClementJames all my life and I just wish that I could have found ClementJames before. No one in my life has ever provided me with this much help and support. The staff are always so happy and welcoming and when I come to the centre it feels like I am coming home.”

*name changed.