Case study

A volunteer’s perspective

Julie volunteered with ClementJames for the first time during a Business Engagement Day with her company. She explains how her experience opened her eyes to the challenges that people face getting into work.

“Our company was partnered with The ClementJames Centre as part of the Give and Gain Day event. Personally, I was looking for something a bit different and a challenge, but something that would make use of skills that have an impact on people.

The day is straightforward, simple and well structured, but the real value is in the conversations and connections, which can build over the course of the day, between the clients and volunteers. It’s all about helping the clients with their personal journey, and the results can be significant – no matter how big or small.

The value for me was stepping outside of the day-job and seeing a much bigger picture, seeing that a little bit of time could help someone in a big way.  The clients I worked with on the day were fantastic and we laughed … a lot! My experience has opened my eyes to the challenges that people face getting into work.

I noticed some significant transformations over the course of the day in people’s confidence.  I hope that the clients came away from the day having learned something about themselves and having taken a step forward to help with their personal goals.

The Business Engagement Days give people an opportunity to give something back and to help others, whilst also learning something about themselves and stepping outside their comfort zones. In my opinion, this kind of volunteering opportunity is some of the best personal development that someone can undertake to grow themselves. The ClementJames team work very hard to ensure that the day runs smoothly for everyone involved, and ensure that everyone has some fun along the way.”