Covid-19 Response

Although we had to close the doors of The ClementJames Centre in March 2020, from the very first day of lockdown, we continued to support the community. With many people losing their jobs and applying for benefits; many families struggling with home-schooling; and many members of the community struggling with isolation, we ensured that we adapted our services to meet the needs of the community.

In the first lockdown we provided support by:

4 x 2 table with outlined infographics in alternating blue and purple:  1: picture of blue calendar "Offering a full timetable of Adult Learning courses  2: picture of purple telephone "Making over 1200 weekly pastoral calls to hundreds of children and young people"  3: picture of ruler and pencil "Offering an online curriculum for children who did not have enough schoolwork"  4: picture of painting palette "Hosting an online exhibition of students' work"  5: picture of hands shaking "Providing 807 one-to-one employment appointments"  6: picture of coffee cup "Bringing people together through online coffee mornings and creative activities"  7: Picture of van "Organising food deliveries in the area"  8: Speech bubble "Simplyfing and distributing government information"

We also continued making mentoring calls via video and telephone, offering Information, Advice and Guidance appointments and making regular welfare checks to the most vulnerable members of the community who were no longer able to pop into the centre for an afternoon to say hi.

Screenshot of a three-way Zoom call showing a smiling mentoring pair and The ClementJames Centre.
One of our mentoring pairs’ regular Zoom meet up!

We are pleased that despite the challenges of the pandemic, in 2019/20 we were able to support over 1,200 children and young people and over 1,100 adults.

Screenshot of a four-way video conversation with three students and one teacher. All participants are smiling at the camera.
One of our Adult Learning English classes

At the beginning of the third lockdown in January 2021, we brought all of our services online once again, reaching all of our students and clients remotely. Although we are currently looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the centre, a transition period will take place ensuring the safety of our clients, students, volunteers, and staff.

Find out more about our Covid-19 response in our latest Impact Report:

Plain-text Impact Report 2019-20.