Meet the Team

We are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff team.

Senior Leadership Team                             Chief Executive: Clare Richards MBE           IntoUniversity Team Leader: Becca Lever Operations Manager: Silke Mehrgott
Community Hub Team Leader: Hannah Starr
IntoWork Team Leader: Howard Taylor   Adult Learning Manager: Ivana Vasic           

The ClementJames Team

  • Operations Manager: Silke Mehrgott
  • Fundraising Officer: Jennie Hope
  • Finance & Administration Officer: Jonathan Godfrey
  • Receptionist & Development Officer: Marie Casey
  • Garden Manager: Delores Watson

Communicate Team

  • Adult Learning Manager: Ivana Vasic
  • Adult Learning Tutor: Megan Atkin
  • Adult Learning Tutor: Catherine Lindsay
  • Adult Learning Tutor: Alison McArthur
  • Adult Learning Tutor: Andrea Musante

Community Hub Team

  • Community Hub Team Leader: Hannah Starr
  • Community Hub Worker: Lauren Best-Shaw
  • Community Hub Worker: Emma Beeson
  • Wellbeing Coordinator: Rose Raymond

IntoUniversity Team

  • Team Leader: Becca Lever
  • Education Worker: Jenny Boyle
  • Education Worker: Rachael Olubayo
  • Education Worker: Esther Pickering
  • Education Worker: Leo Reid

IntoWork Team

  • Team Leader: Howard Taylor
  • Senior IntoWork Officer: Charlie Gorham
  • Senior IntoWork Officer: Lindsay Murphy
  • Senior Employment & Education Officer: Sophie Greaves
  • IntoWork Officer: Fiona Naismith
  • IntoWork Officer: Maeve Slattery