Our Communicate Adult Learning Programme offers 18 Functional Skills English and ESOL courses that are tailored to meet the changing needs of individuals, enabling them to play a fuller role in the community and realise their potential. We offer both daytime and evening courses and the majority of our courses are accredited.

The ClementJames Centre is registered as a recognised Ascentis Centre and our courses are designed for people who have English as a second language. Courses run from September to February and from March to July every year.                                         

Communicate Functional Skills English                                                                        

We provide 18 courses of friendly Functional Skills English and ESOL classes in the local community. We cater for individual needs, develop basic skills and improve written and spoken English. All courses have embedded I.T. classes:

  • Active Citizenship (daytime & evening)
  • Functional Skills English 1 (ESOL Entry 2) (daytime & evening) *
  • Functional Skills English 2 (ESOL Entry 3) *
  • Functional Skills English 3 (ESOL Level 1) *
  • Functional Skills English Level 1*
  • Functional Skills English Level 2*
  • Active Citizenship for Domestic Workers (3 Sunday classes from Entry 1 to Entry 3)
  • Preparation for IELTS *
  • ESOL Film Club
  • ESOL Literacy
  • Telephone English
  • Numeracy through Jewellery Making
  • Speaking and Pronunciation
  • Functional Skills ICT Entry 2*
  • Information, Advice & Guidance (by appointment)

Courses marked * lead to external accreditation by Ascentis

Preparation for IELTS
This class enables students to attain a high quality, globally recognised accreditation in a local, friendly setting.

The FOCUS programme
An innovative programme that was developed in 2006 based on our IntoUniversity access programme for young people. The programme offers an exciting learning experience, focusing on a specific topic over a set period of time, including a graduation ceremony at a university.

If you would like to find out about any of these courses, please contact Ivana on or call 020 7221 8801.