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How to raise money for ClementJames – every time you shop online!


How it works:

  • Every time you shop online the retailer donates a percentage to The ClementJames Centre, at no extra cost to you.
  • Over 2000 retailers (inc. Amazon, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, M&S, eBay) are registered

How you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions to register
  3. Install the Find and Remind toolbar – this will let you know when you are on a website which is registered with EasyFundraising and ask if you would like to claim a donation to ClementJames (this just means that a percentage of your purchase will go to the charity).
  4. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also claim Gift Aid on EasyFundraising. To do so once you have set up an account, please go to ‘Settings’ under the ‘Your account’ tab on the top right-hand corner, then tick the Gift Aid box and enter your address.

That’s it, easy peasy!  If you have any questions please do get in touch with us.

Thank you!

Wellbeing Clinic introduced at ClementJames

The concept of wellbeing is steadily gaining pace as best practice in many areas of employment, education and public health. Wellbeing comprises of a person’s experience of their life, and a comparison of life circumstances with social norms and values. Wellbeing, however, exists in two dimensions, subjective and objective. Subjective wellbeing focuses on how people feel about their own life and wellbeing. This is important because it relates to meaningful life satisfaction. Objective wellbeing, on the other hand, is based on assumptions about basic human needs and rights, including aspects such as adequate food, physical health, education and safety. Objective and subjective dimensions are separate entities that normally bear little or no relationship to one another, and are usually measured separately.

There is recognition by the Government that a radical shift is required to tackle public health challenges, much of which are driven by poor lifestyle and poverty. At ClementJames, we have also discovered that a significant number of local people accessing our services have minor mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, and struggle with a range of issues affecting their sense of wellbeing. The introduction of the Wellbeing Clinic at our centre seeks to have a positive impact on individual subjective wellbeing and is a new strategy in supporting the local community.

The ideawellbeing clinic small to introduce a wellbeing clinic at ClementJames was sparked thanks to Rose, one of our IntoWork clients who is a qualified health and wellbeing practitioner with a wealth of experience. As Rose was looking for new opportunities and the centre was exploring new ways to improve local people’s wellbeing, it seemed like a perfect match and we supported Rose in setting up wellbeing services at the centre. The clinic was piloted for six weeks in April and May 2016 and was open once a week. The sessions included NADA ear acupuncture, SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator therapy), deep tissue massage, hand, head or feet massage, wellbeing coaching, relaxation techniques and meditation. A total of 121 visits were recorded to the clinic during the trial period. Fees charged for appointments (£5 for one-to-one, £1 for group sessions) were re-invested in materials and resources.  Continue reading

‘I fell in love with the English language’ – Catherine tells her own volunteering story

CatherineTake a walk in the park and you never know who you will meet; perhaps a local celebrity watching his son play tennis, a dog walker with the latest poodle cross or perhaps the lovely Clare Richards, Chief Executive of The ClementJames Centre.


On this particular day in 2013 I met Clare in Avondale Park with her trademark bright scarf and smile.  Being a chatty so-and-so I stopped and asked how The ClementJames Centre was going. “Really well,” was her reply.  We chatted some more.  “We’re starting a coffee morning for English students and need some volunteers to talk with them.  Would you be interested?”  It was a simple question.  Quite unexpected.  Something I could explore or easily forget about.

Living only a short walk from the Centre, I decided to explore.  It would only be for an hour each week.  No great commitment.  Nothing to lose I thought.  But I stalled for a bit as I was struggling with depression and wondered how it would go. Continue reading

More than just a sticking plaster

This year charities frequently featured in the national news, with the collapse of Kid’s Company dominating the headlines. But many other charities are also facing difficulties, often triggered by events beyond their control. A good example is Eaves, a charity supporting and campaigning for women affected by domestic violence, which was forced to go into administration in early November due to cuts in government spending on women’s services.

As expected, there was an outcry from the voluntary sector, but I was surprised to also come across less sympathetic readers’ comments that gave voice to a certain public disillusionment. One commentator, for instance, labelled charities ineffective and not worth supporting as they only worked to temporarily relieve the symptoms of social ills, rather than combating the causes and affecting real change. While I cannot go into detail on what charities realistically should and should not be expected to achieve, I would like to make a case for The ClementJames Centre, an organisation that is more than just a sticking plaster.

The ClementJames Centre’s mission is to reduce poverty and unemployment in North Kensington, and with over 30 years of experience we are only too aware that there are no quick fixes or easy solutions – neither for communities nor for individuals. Instead, we have found that support is most effective when it is tailored, with a long-term focus and regularly adapted to changing needs. Continue reading